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anatomy of a six and a half year old fox by JY Kim

Inspired from Fantastic Mr. Fox

perhaps poverty was not what confined me

to a life of sewage in the foundations that i destroyed with cranes flooding the forest

or sharpened claws of steel and iron;

my walls shattering to the dust below my feet all while the centripetal motion of the trains above slowly became the source for the alignment of the planets and cosmos beyond

my village of ruination

While i am condemned

to never experience

the burning cider colored sunsets

seared with fantasies of

slaughtering poultry seized by their necks and blood trickling down my throat,

as the life from their bodies

exits as daintily as the

feathers scatter like snow,

I will die knowing I’m

a wild animal once again

Amongst fluorescent lights

and advertisements

for artificial apple juice boxes


JY Kim (she/they) is 18. She enjoys completing crossword puzzles.

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