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Emissaries by Susan Shea

After we broke up

actually after you broke up with me

my transcendental friend told me

that our departed mothers were so upset 

by your jump off the right path

that they set up an emergency meeting

with the big leader of the pack

after seeing that I was having dinner

with a revival man who was so ga ga 

over me that I was able to enjoy a brief

dessert of flaming cherries jubilee, 

without comparing him to you

but then vibes from the mothership 

fresh with newly bestowed power

crashed that party, and swallowed me

into an orb of you, touching me, coaxing me

out of my chair, so I could get up, go home

ignore your email, pick up your phone call

tell you I was over you

and agree to marry you

after you shared how a sphere of knowing

I was the one, engulfed you like a mist,

a honey dew

at the same time I was dining 

with that man named he's not you

and now our mothers laugh and wait

saving places for us 

at their bountiful table in forever land


Susan Shea's poems have appeared in Across the Margin, Ekstasis, Persimmon Tree Literary Magazine, Feminine Collective, Ekstasis and more.  Susan is a retired school psychologist who loves being a full-time poet. She was raised in New York City, and now lives in a forest in the mountains of Pennsylvania.

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