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Hang Your Daughter's Clothes on a Line by Renée Agatep

my girl, when you grow, if for no other reason

to admire how her trousers can still be clipped

seven to a row on the drying rack, how slight

the sleeves, how the fibers fray velvet

as thistledown, if for no other reason

to relish the smallness

of the time

that has passed

and time you might yet have

to hang her clothes on a line.


Renée Agatep is from the American Midwest but now lives with her family on the Portuguese island of Madeira. She is a poetry fellow in the Syracuse University MFA program and the winner of the 2022 Wolfson Poetry Prize. Her debut poetry chapbook, OHIO RADIO, is forthcoming from Wolfson Press in 2023. Her latest work can be found in Poetry Ireland Review, CAROUSEL, and elsewhere. You can find her on Twitter @GoingbyRenee.

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