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I want to be timeless by Elena Lucia Perez

free to move

between earth and sky, playing

among the stars,

never once considering the positions

of the sun and moon in relation

to my to-do list.

Free to read as long as I wish

without getting sleepy,

lounge on the beach

or among the trees and birds,

talking to the flowers.

I want to create

a safe place

for anyone who has ever felt lonely

or stupid or lost or afraid

and show them what it’s like to feel accepted

and seen and heard and important.

I’ll teach them to shine

like supernovas, bright for eons

after they’ve exploded.


Elena Lucia Perez is a Mexican-American writer from Los Angeles who works as a video editor by day and spends her nights watching live theatre or curled up with a good book. She is the managing editor of The Metaworker Literary Magazine and likes dragons, Kandinsky, puns, and photographing nature.

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