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moon jelly half evaporated on the sand by Dylan Davies

it looked like lace underwear on the rocks

“is that a jellyfish” you turn to me

front teeth wedged into a Sandringham rock

and you said “mrrr” because your teeth were stuck

i couldn’t understand you so i reached

for the sack peeling it like a thong

off the slicked stones. when i lifted it

it sagged in my hand and i convinced myself

it had stung me. i said “ouch” even though

it was a lie. somewhere along the beach

i had cut my foot sole and the salt stung.

i cradled it in my arms. like something sucked

dry. empty little blood bag. i imagine it red

and feeding. i imagine it swimming.

lower it into the water so it can be full.

you swallow

your rock. “it’s dead. there’s nothing left

in it.”

on the way down to Sandringham i dropped

my railcard onto the tracks near platform 3. it

doesn’t matter, you said. it’s winter. we

won’t come back.

i balance the jellyfish on my finger

like a silver spoon on the edge of a cereal bowl.

i imagine it asleep, waiting for the sun.

i imagine it swimming.


Dylan is 21 and non-binary. For the most part they have given up on everything and now live at the bottom of the sea. Find them in a fish tank near you. They currently live in Norwich with their love.

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