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songs for swallowing rocks to by Clement Obropta

without my therapist telling me to do so

i realized that this whole “being sad

and borderline suicidal

and hopelessly in love” thing

was maybe

a bit unhealthy

and for two straight weeks

i watched nothing but cary grant movies

debonair men, fine suits, sharp women

repartee between lovers

these are songs for jumping off bridges to

songs for scaling dinosaur skeletons to

songs for killing men to

songs for singing’s sake

we hardly know each other

we’re just two people who met

and it struck me

watching arsenic and old lace

that falling in love

is a miraculous, random comet that anybody should be happy to have strike once in a lifetime

and mine struck for you

and really, isn’t that a wonderful thing, how

for three days, my heart spun

like being trapped on a merry-go-round

sticky caramel apple sickness

fainting delirious in the mud and the hay

fairground food kind of love

well, it took two weeks before i ran out

of cary grant movies

at night the pall came back, came back

that no wordplay can magic away

that no amount of pratfalls can solve

tell me that all you want is my hands cupping your face

brushing the raven hair out of your eyes


Clement Obropta (@TylerObropta) studies film at the University of St Andrews (having previously studied at Ithaca College) and edits culture pieces for MAYDAY magazine and photography for Wanderlust Journal. His work as been published by Film Inquiry, as well as Buzzsaw magazine, The Abstract Elephant, Mud Season Review, and Coffee People Zine.

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