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the disservice of swallowing by Isa Pineda

my ungrateful tongue,

its surface area taste

insults the decadence

of your golden mango flesh

to your richness,

heaping mounds of bazaar spices,

sequoias concentrated to charcoal and incense,

dark, heady pools of lust

the disservice of swallowing,

to relish in you for only a moment,

corrupted integrity with saliva,

brevity overwhelmed as a host to desire

how can I fully savor something so perfect

in a way so flawed?


Isa Pineda (they/them) is a nonbinary Filipino-American author and college student located just outside of Washington, D.C.. They've been a hobby writer for as long as they can remember, and they started submitting their work in 2022. Their favorite color is forest green, and their favorite fish is the Coelacanth. You can find more of Isa's personal life on Instagram or Twitter at @isanpineda.

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