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The Garden Stirs by Devon Neal

In dark December, stiff January,

it’s always a brisk walk to the car

to start and turn the heat on,

or the weekend grocery trips,

the bags from the trunk like loud luggage.

In winter, the yard becomes a distant friend,

a grocery store acquaintance, no time to talk.

Then in April, with the first beaming day,

you notice the pale phalanges

of the hydrangeas now flutter

with the blemishes of tiny green lettuce heads,

and the phloxes in the corners

stretch taller than the hardy winter weeds

spreading aground like firecracker blossoms.

Let them stretch their new calves

and yawn, opening shadowed eyelids

in the young spring sun.


Devon Neal is a Bardstown, KY resident who received a B.A. in Creative Writing from Eastern Kentucky University and an MBA from The University of the Cumberlands. He currently works as a Human Resources Manager in Louisville, KY. His work has been featured in From the Depths and Rough Cut Press.

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