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The Lovers by Zainab Kuyizhi

(after Safia Elhillo's January Children - the lovers)

Kaffi in the nineties

My mother with a  vintage square satin scarf tied to her head

Dress that went ankles long

tracing about her  curves.  light, flickering in her eyes


My father

Tall & handsome

Who I hear

Was so lively and funny

That only witchery could have dried his charm

& filled his cup with gloom


The periodic count of population

the coeval that would leave to make nostalgia of these days to connect their juveniles

& grow contorted by

the day


but tonight

Into the twilight

Census told us who we are

but not where we're going

As my parents met without seeing


Zainab Kuyizhi is a Nigerian poet and a spoken word artist. Her work explores the dynamics of life and its entirety, especially, love, pain, and anger, and it’s appeared in OneBlackBoyLikeThat Review, Tilted House Review, The Ayanfe Magazine, The Tower Magazine and elsewhere. She's on Twitter & Instagram @yar_kuyizhi.

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