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Three Poems by Kate Strong Stadt

Updated: Jun 18, 2022


endings / beginnings / no things / all things / losing weight / losing mass / losing being / finding your feet / finding the floor / finding the ground / finding yourself / coastal shelf / shore line / silver mine / silver tone / gold tone / one at a time / two in one / right one / wrong one / wronged one / rung on rung / right rhyme / right time / right way / u-turn / you turn / you / youth / death / breadth / wealth / dearth / worth / clear as a bell / clear sight / clear skies / clear eyes / in your eyes / in my eyes / yes / say yes

glossolalia of this unbeliever

I am doing it I

am, yes, I am,

this way - it is this

way as it is always -

for all and for and

for me too, but for

me is my own, but for me

is happening, yes is

as it always is. as

if I am doing it. I, if

I am I am if I am I am

I. (i.)


The flat taut cloth of undyed woolen winter unravels at its edges into tangled birdsong - dipped April blue - yes, knots and whorls, yes - such ecstatic devotionals as are such marigolds, such odorous o-daylilies!


(vs interior

soil at-heave

throwing clods,

unburying my

worms, my

dirtiest dirty

roots and

then - past -)


Kate Strong Stadt is a former children’s librarian turned knowledge worker. Recently, her poems have been published in Iron Horse Review, The Collidescope, and Sparked Literary Magazine. Her latest obsession is blacksmithing.

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