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To the Dusky Slug (Arion Subfuscus) by Erin Bryant Petty

You are gorgeous, actually

in ochre and gold

the way the light holds you, glowing

like a firefly

under frosted glass, the ripple

of your foot writes its own

poem, lapping

along rotten logs—the slowest

ocean, the smallest tide, the stalks

of your eyes weaving

through thick air.

I’m sorry for the salt, for the buckets

of soapy water, for those who won’t

stoop to see you carve through the underbrush, turning boletes into balusters.

An uncanny universe is diffused

through your body—the glistening

trail you leave singing

of our terrible vision.


Erin Bryant Petty (she/her) is an artist and writer living in Michigan. She loves weird dreams and appreciates the uncanny, the strange, and the overlooked. When she’s not making things she prefers to be in the woods, marveling at mushrooms. Find her on twitter @ebryantpetty.

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