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Lifting Up the Log #5: "moon jelly half evaporated on the sand" by Dylan Davies

Editor's note: "moon jelly..." is fueled by curiosity and imagination. What I love about it is what I love about many of the poems I love - it starts with a delicate observation, that is then followed through with action and exploration. The willingness to explore, even if it doesn't result in any definitive actions, makes this poem so magical. Read more about the making of it below.

  1. How did you come up with the title? I wanted something longer that embeds you into the scene and what I have seen before the poem begins.

  2. What can you tell us about the inception of this piece? I saw a moon jellyfish at the beach and thought it was a piece of underwear, so I started thinking how the two conceits could fit together.

  3. If we could lift up the log of this piece, what would we see there? You’d definitely see me at the beach with my phone notes out, poking at this jellyfish and trying to explain why it was evoking a response in me. Eventually, I figured out how to explore that feeling so I threw the jellyfish back, but it was probably dead anyway.

  4. If this piece were a small forest creature, what kind of small forest creature would it be? It would probably be a penguin because it feels a little out of place and sometimes goes through divorce.


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Lifting Up the Log is an ongoing series designed to indulge our love for the story behind the story, as well as to give our beloved contributors an additional way to showcase the writing they have shared here.

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